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Bloody Mary

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.:+:.. Little creepy girl with her little creepy face |+.

Name: Mary Robinson. She’s notorious within the SPC as “Bloody Mary”, based on the nature of her attacks.

Age: 11 years old

Gender: Female

Grade: 8th grade

Ability: She can travel through the ‘mirror world’. The mirror world is a reflection of the current world. Everyone has a mirror self except for her, since she can travel freely between worlds. Mary can also drag people into the mirror world with her. Since the mirror world is a reflection of the world, everyone is opposite, but the mirror selves look exactly like their counterparts.

Height: 4’11”

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Black

Likes: Mirrors, being right, her father’s money, scaring people, Halloween, horror stories, sunset.

Dislikes: Romance, kids younger than her, annoying people, her family (as people), needing to give something up, and how 90% of all songs are about romance.

Clubs: N/A

Fav. Subject: N/A

Least Fav. Subject: N/A

(current) Family: Mr. Harold Robinson and Mrs. Janette Robinson. She is an only child, The Robinsons are filthy rich. They have servants, but Mary does not consider them family, although Mr. and Mrs. Robinson do.

Pets: None

Talents: Lying, and she is very creative in all senses of the word.

Personality: Spoiled, mean, cold, indifferent, and scary.

Fun fact: She’s infamous to the SP club, and has been for at least 3 years, but the government somehow had let her antics slide. This has given the SP club some insight as to how corrupt the government may be.

.:+:.. Saying funny things that you have never heard..|+.

History: Mary was born to normal parents, although her definition of normal parents is very different than most peoples. Her father and mother are both workers for the government, the gifted subdivision. As part of an experiment, Mary was forced to take a pill that granted her her ability. Her parents were glad it worked, and they spoiled her as an apology, giving her anything she wanted from then on out. Mary was granted free reign with her ability as long as she reported what it felt like to use it and what it was like in the mirror world. Mary soon learnt that she could lie and the agents would be none the wiser, so she lied. A lot. And got everything she wanted from her parents.

She started to attack the SP club when the government thought the SP club was goofing off. Mary ruined the school bathroom and wrote terrifying methods in a blood-esque substance on the mirrors. She repeated this in most of the SP club members homes, and when they did track her down, she was underestimated due to the fact she was a child and they immediately assumed it was Mr. Robinson behind the attacks. Once they found out the truth, Mary escaped in a mirror, and they could never track her down after that.

After that, Mary has attacked the SP club at random. Usually her attacks are easily linkable to her, since they all center around mirrors somehow.

.:+:.. Do you know what it‘s all about?..|+.

Mary doesn’t have many relationships, but she has known the original SP club members (Skiey, Joey, Kara, Nikki, Blair, Kyle, ect) for varying amounts of time. As far as new members go, they wouldn’t have met or interacted with her.

.:+:.. Are you brave enough to figure out? ..|+.

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