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a wild Roman has appeared

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1a wild Roman has appeared Empty a wild Roman has appeared on October 17th 2011, 2:11 pm


a wild Roman has appeared 20516579_m
..|| Come to me children, and follow my way ||..

Name: Roman

Age: 26 years old

Gender: Male

Grade: He never got a formal high school education.

Birthday: Unknown

Ability: Roman is actually a wizard… but a very bad one. A bad wizard, or an untrained wizard, is a lot more dangerous than a trained or skilled one, because most failed spells result in fiery explosions of varying power levels. Unlike Skiey (who is also a wizard), Roman says his spells in Russian as opposed to Latin. It is unknown if this makes much of a difference.

Height: Roman is 5’7” tall, but he always wears heels that elevate him to at least 5’9”.

Eye Color: A dark red color.

Hair Color: Blonde.

Body type: Broad shouldered, decently muscled, small hands.

Likes: Books, foreign countries, music, technology, dressing in out-of-time fashions, being the center of attention, blowing things up, being in power, being feared, top hats, canes, blowing things up, fire, red hair.

Dislikes: Flirty women, being told what to do, water, swimming, love, the word ‘witch’, and Halloween.

Clubs: None.

Fav. Subject: N/A

Least Fav. Subject: N/A

(current) Family: He has no living relatives.

Pets: None, although he has a habit of naming wild birds, squirrels, and bugs.

Talents: Being destructive, being creepy, and being sneaky.

Personality: Brutally honest, pyromaniac, sadistic. He’s got homicidal tendencies, and he’ll kill a human just as easily as he’ll kill an ant. He’s easily irritated, and if you annoy him, it’s quite obvious by how he treats you. He can be quite childish at times.

Fun fact: His front teeth are naturally pointed, and when he grins, he often resembles a vampire.

..|| into the world of darkness and magic ||..

History: Roman doesn’t know much about his history. He woke up in a dark alleyway somewhere already 25, wearing a thick dark red peacoat, slacks, and a tophat and clutching onto a very, very thick book for dear life. Upon opening the book, he saw that a few details were written down: his name, age, and that he was a wizard.

That was it. Roman remembered things as he read the spells-- he started to remember how to speak in English and bits of Russian. But he learned no more from the spell book. He did start to cast spells. Initially, the buildings he blew up were blamed on propane tanks, cigarettes, fires, ect, but they started to happen so frequently, and foul play is starting to be suspected. Roman currently resides in the town the SP club is in, and is not yet known by them, but once the government wants these explosions sorted out, you bet the SP club will be assigned to figure out the cause.

..|| With all my power I'll show you the way ||..

maybe when he makes some friends/aliies and enemies this section will have relevant text hm

..|| To all your dreams, hopes and illusions. ||..

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