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Vince Harper

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1Vince Harper Empty Vince Harper on October 18th 2011, 6:36 pm

Vince Harper 5

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Name: Vincent Elliot “Vince” Harper
Age: 15
Birthday: October 27th
Gender: Male
Grade: Freshman in high school
Ability: Venom immunity and control. In other words, a venomous snake bite or insect sting won't harm him. He can also cause venom to stop or spread faster in a human or animal's body.
Likes: Animals, pretty women, caffeine, high school, lacrosse, fishing
Dislikes: Middle school/schoolers, obnoxious people, spicy food, liars, feeling cheated, his step-mom
Clubs: SPC, Lacrosse team
Fav. Subject: Biology
Least Fav. Subject: History
(current) Family: Ryan(his father), Bridget(his step mom), and his little sister, Kelly.
Pets: A boa named Ruth.
Talents: A great lacrosse player, hiding his emotions, fishing
Personality: Vincent is a very sweet kid, but can be misunderstood because of his habit of being reserved and detached. He has trouble with showing emotions and becoming close with people. Vince is not shy or antisocial in anyway, but he has some trust issues.
Physical apperance:
-5'7” and tones with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.
-Narrow chin and mouth, straight nose, defined brow
-Large light brown/green eyes that are very wide set, auburn hair
-Golden-pale skin

Fun facts:
-He has a soft spot for small animals
-The only meat he eats is fish

.:+:.. The sun sometimes ..|+.
Vince knew of his power from the day of birth. An x-ray on his infant body showed that he had ducts in his mouth that carried venom that was excreted when he chose. His parents, Ryan and Iris came to accept this fact and loved him anyway.
When Vince was four, his mother died of Leukemia. At the time, he was not sure what had happened and found it hard to believe that she was dead. His father quickly remarried a woman named Bridget that Vince did not like at all. Bridget was very strict and slightly abusive to him in his early childhood.
When school started, Bridget hit him less and spent more time yelling at him to keep up his grades. His father understood Vince's situation, but would not leave her because of his desperate need for companionship. When Vince turned 11, his step sister Kelly was born. Much to his surprise, Kelly did not grow to be like her mother. Though it was hard for him, he grew to really care for her even if she was the spawn of Bridget.
The government had known about Vincent, but he was not aware that they would take action on him. Before high school, they considered removing the ducts from his mouth. It didn't take them long to change their minds. After seeing the SPC was lacking in high school members, they sent him a letter of recognition, asking him to immediately report to the next meeting.
Oliver: Though he is quiet, Vince believes Oliver to be the most logical person in the group. He finds him to be pretty smart and in all honesty, a very reasonable person.
Elizabeth: He does not know her very well, but in Vince's opinion, she is the most attractive girl in the SPC by a long shot.
Alice: Vince thinks Alice is a nice girl, though he can get irritated with her constant peppiness. He is happy to have her around though.
Dominic: Vince gets a feeling of security and sanity when he is around Dominic. He looks at him as an almost brotherly figure.

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