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Elizabeth Gaudet

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1Elizabeth Gaudet Empty Elizabeth Gaudet on October 18th 2011, 7:08 pm


Elizabeth Gaudet Lyd
..|| I like you the way you are, when we’re driving in your car ||..

Name: Elizabeth Marie Gaudet. Occasionally goes by Liz or Lizzy.

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Grade: Freshmen

Birthday: August 15th[

Ability: She can control electricity, lightning, ect.

Height: 5’2”

Eye Color: Bright blue, wears contacts.

Hair Color: Golden blonde, artificially curled.

Body type: Thin and curvy, she plays softball so she’s well muscled for a girl.

Likes: Compliments, boys, softball, pop music, having friends, upperclassmen

Dislikes: Insults, lying, sad songs, mean guys, guys who are immature, being singled out, people making obscene comments.

Clubs: Softball club, volleyball club, and the SPC.

Fav. Subject: Science and chemistry

Least Fav. Subject: English

(current) Family: Her mother Cassie, and her older brother Charlie.

Pets: Her family owns a dog named Casper.

Talents: Acting, being dramatic, emphasizing things.

Personality: Elizabeth is best described by those in her grade as a wanabee. She always tries too hard to fit in. She wears short shorts, tank tops, tub tops, and jean jackets. This causes the faculty to wag their fingers in distaste. Anyway, Elizabeth just doesn’t want to be excluded-- she’s very friendly and open, and outgoing. She’s not a bad girl when you get to know her, but she seems kind of shallow at first glance and during the school day, when she hangs around with her ’friends’. Most of the freshmen girls she hangs around with think she’s ‘fake’ and talk about her behind her back. Elizabeth acts like she doesn’t know this for the sake of keeping her easygoing, laid-back image.
Elizabeth is secretly a huge geek though. She loves anime, cartoons, studying, ect. She keeps this hidden, since she doesn’t want to be made fun of. Despite the girly and ditsy front she puts on, when you’re talking to Elizabeth one on one, she’s very down to earth and tomboyish… like she’s a completely different person.

Fun fact: Her older brother Charlie thinks she’s bipolar.

..|| And you’re talking to me one on one, but you become ||..

History: Elizabeth’s history is pretty generic. She was born to two parents 5 years after their first child, a boy named Charlie, was born. Elizabeth’s father left Cassie and his two children when Elizabeth was 3, so she has no recollection of her father. Ever since Mr. Gaudet left, Charlie took over the household, working a job to earn money. After his graduation, his mother wanted him to go to college, but Charlie refused, choosing instead to help out at the house.

It was obviously, with her snood remarks , that Ms. Gaudet did not admire her daughter as much as she did her son. When Elizabeth was 12, Ms. Gaudet caught her buying condoms. It had been a dare by her friends. Ms. Gaudet did not believe Elizabeth’s reasons, and her impression of her daughter was left permanently scarred.
To prove a point, Elizabeth changed herself for high school. She dressed like she’d seen the girls on TV dress, pretended not to care about her favorite subjects (sciences and maths), and got contacts and makeup to fit in. It worked at first, but then rumors started. The people who had dared her to buy condoms spread rumors that she was a slut, she stopped turning in her homework even though she did it every night, all to keep her image. The only thing she didn’t change was her membership on the volleyball and softball teams.

As far as Elizabeth’s ability goes, she had had it since she was young. But it wasn’t until she accidentally electrocuted a teacher that it was discovered, and she was sent the papers to join the SP club officially.

..|| Somebody else, round everyone else, watching your back, like you can’t relax ||..


..|| Trying to be cool, you look like a fool to me. ||..

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