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Alice Wiley

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1Alice Wiley Empty Alice Wiley on October 19th 2011, 5:29 pm

Alice Wiley 1111
.:+:.. If Anybody Looks ..|+.
Name: Alice Maria Wiley
Age: 14
Birthday: May 30th
Gender: Female
Grade: Freshman in high school
Ability: She can “send” messages to other people via telepathy. However, they cannot return messages and she sometimes cannot control what is sent.
Likes: Music, pretty clothes, honesty, boys, singing, playing the clarinet
Dislikes: Being a freshman, being the center of attention, her power, her body
Clubs: SPC
Fav. Subject: Gym
Least Fav. Subject: English
(current) Family: Her father.
Pets: None.
Talents: Cheering people up, can play the clarinet, can sing well
Personality: On the outside, Alice is an extremely happy person with a positive attitude and a knack for making people smile. She's extremely friendly and sweet. However, she is sometimes a little on the quiet side and is easily embarrassed. She tries not to draw attention to herself, but somehow always manages to. Ever since Alice entered middle school, she has had issues with self image. Though girls are often jealous of her natural slenderness, she absolutely hates her body. Sure, she has some feminine curves, but they are small and make her feel young. Alice also does not like how she is so bubbly on the outside. She feels like upperclassmen find her to be an annoying and typical freshman.
Physical apperance:
-5'3” and very thin with no noticeable curves.
-Round face with an elf-like nose, narrow chin, and small mouth.
-Large gray-blue eyes with long, straight black hair.
-Medium skin tone

Fun facts:
-She is Spanish and French.
-She has a bellybutton piercing and a double ear cartilage piercing.
-She likes wearing girly-punky clothes.

.:+:.. But No One Ever Does ..|+.
Her earliest memory was being in a white room, likely to be a lab, with a short woman who wore a pink jacket. Alice never met her real parents, and she doesn't believe she ever will. She always lived with a man named Gary who worked for government; the super-human powers branch. This was normal to her. Little did she know that Gary was planning on using her to attack other super-humans, particularly the SPC, as a way of gaining power over super-humans.
Unfortunately for Gary, her powers were useless when it came to annihilation of people. He decided to use her as a bridge to the SPC instead. Though, Alice has not fallen for his tricks. She hates him with a passion for taking her from her parents and plans to act against him.
In middle school, while girls were getting their curves, Alice remained boob-less and butt-less. She felt so left behind and juvenile. She began to really hate her body, and hate herself for having it. Sure, she had a pretty face but that wasn't enough to have the boys' attention. In high school, she got a little taller, but still lacked any bodacious features. Alice decided to wear looser shirts and tight pants to give off the illusion that she had a little something-something, but she still is very insecure in her own skin.
Alice Wiley Music-girl-bride-1
Joey: Joey was the first guy who has ever given Alice any type of flirty attention. Because of this, she has come to have a little crush on him. Though, she is smart and knows what most upperclassman guys want from freshman girls. Alice trusts Joey though, and enjoys his friendship.

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