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First Meeting

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1First Meeting Empty First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 6:06 pm

The SP Club Room was like something foreign now. It had been a while since anybody had entered foot in the windowless room. It looked the same as it always had; small, with a few love seats and a desk, and the door was always locked from the inside and it had no peep-hole for extra privacy.
Vince gripped the key that the principal gave him when he was first told to join. Every member apparently had one, and they weren't allowed to give it to anybody who was not a part of the club. He knew what this club was all about, but he had no idea who would be in it. Vince jammed the key into the keyhole and opened the door. It creaked and revealed the dark, empty room. He was apparently early. He switched on the lights and closed the door behind him, finding himself a seat in the corner of the room.
A few moments later, the door thrust open and Blair pranced in.
"New comer!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air.

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2First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 6:15 pm


Nikki hurried out of her math class, papers in her hands. She had wanted to be the first one into the clubroom to welcome the new members... at this rate, she wouldn't get there on time. She was already making herself look disorganized. She shook her head and reached the door, noticing it was already open. She took a deep breath and opened the door, spying Blair and Vince. She did not recognize Vince, and so she opened her mouth to introduce herself.


"Hi!" A cheery voice yelled. A cheerful looking blonde stood next to Nikki. Elizabeth was clothed in a white tank top and jeans that seemed a little tight and showed off her curves. "This is the... uh... 'SP' club, right?" She asked, sashaying into the room. Nikki nodded.

"Correct... I am Nikki Leblanc, uhm... I organize the club. Nice to meet you! Would you like to introduce yourselves? And oh, Blair too..." Nikki said, looking from person to person and resisting the temptation to hide behind her folder.

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3First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 6:28 pm

Blair squinted at the revealing girl who walked into the room, "No. This is the co-ed sewing club." She spat sarcastically, followed by a long huff of smoke exiting out of her pointy nose. She fell back into a couch and rested her feet up on the arm.
Vince looked around with a slight smirk on his face. There were a lot of attractive girls in this club.
"I'm Vince."
A girl with long black hair trotted in with a vibrant smile. She wore a pair of skinny jeans and a green and black off-the shoulder shirt. She was a little on the short side and had a slender build.
"I'm Alice. Nice to meet you all!" She chirped, finding a seat next to Vince.

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4First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 6:35 pm


Elizabeth made a face at both Blair's comment and the smoke excreted from her nostrils.

"Funny. I thought this was a smoke free campus." She said, sitting on a comfy looking chair and sinking down, crossing her legs. Nikki laughed a bit nervously.

"Don't mind that, it's her ability, so it's necessary..."

"What a dumb sounding ability. I'm Elizabeth, by the way." Elizabeth grinned at everyone, leaning back in her seat. Nikki beamed at Alice and headed to the main desk, on which sat a computer. She looked at her files. "A few people aren't here yet, so you can just relax until they show up!" Nikki said.

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5First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 6:44 pm

Blair stood up quicker than lightning from a cloud to the ground, "Bitch, I'm a fucking dragon." She hissed, "Don't think I won't set you on fire."
Vince laughed to himself, "So much for just relaxing."
Alice looked up at Blair, and then at Elizabeth. She turned to Nikki, "Do things like this...always happen?"

Dominic opened the door and peered in, "Mind if I join you?" He asked with an innocent smile.

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6First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 6:49 pm


"What? That's against the rules, right?!" Elizabeth stood up too, glancing almost worriedly at Nikki. "She can't burn me!"

"No, she should not. But that doesn't mean you should insult the abilities of anyone. Blair is probably one of the strongest members of this club, and I will not tolerate any rudeness towards her." Nikki massaged her temples as Elizabeth sat down in a huff, folding her arms and looking very angry. Nikki spared a smile at Alice.

"Yes... sometimes. I mean, stick a bunch of super powered teenagers in a room... things--" Nikki was interupted by another member at the door, and she smiled when she saw Dominic. "Of course you can join Dominic!" She said, face lighting up.

Behind Dominic stood Joey, who peeked his head around and looked at the new members-- mostly the girls. He grinned.

"Hey. Did I miss the part when Blair burned the freshmen's asses for initiation?"

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7First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 6:57 pm

"Joey! Dominic!" Blair said, her face going from angry to joyous, "And I'm just getting started, Joey." She said with a wink, making her way back to her couch. Her mood bettered as more returning members showed up.
Vince had to admit that his confidence was slightly skewed upon seeing the older male members walk in. He gave a friendly wave anyway.
Alice giggled, noticing Joey's glances towards her and the other girls. She waved happily at the two.
Dominic sat next to Nikki, "I figured I may as well come to this meeting since it is the first, and my college is just a few blocks away."

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8First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 7:04 pm


"Sup!" Joey said, flopping himself down next to the girls. He decided not to bother with the one who looked angry and winked at Alice, scratching his chin.

"You know what i've noticed? The freshmen keep getting prettier and prettier each year." He said. Nikki giggled a bit under her breath and turned to Dominic.

"Oh yeah, it's fine. Kyle said he might stop by after his work, too, it'll be great. I think there's only one member not here y--"

At that moment the door opened and the tall figure of Oliver Squire entered the clubroom by slamming the door open. His hair was a bright shade of red, and he wasn't wearing a shirt, just a jean jacket. he examined the people in the room, and blinked twice. "Sorry about the door." He flopped into the seat on the other side of Vince, his earbuds blasting a loud techno tune.

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9First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 19th 2011, 7:18 pm

Blair turned her head towards Oliver. She stared at him for a moment and decided that he looked like a decent freshman that she probably would have no problem getting along with. Unlike some people in the room.
Dominic smiled, "That's good. It will be nice to have some members who are more experienced." He looked at Oliver briefly, "Is that the last one?"
Alice blushed a little at Joey's comment, and couldn't help but grin. She wasn't exactly used to receiving compliments from the opposite sex.
Vince watched the new guy walk in. He moved over to make more room for him to sit down. Blair was then forced to sit next to Elizabeth. She leaned up against the opposite side of the couch and held her knees.

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10First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 20th 2011, 1:04 pm


Oliver, oblivious to anyone's attention or discomfort upon his appearance, pulled his ipod out of his pocket and switched the song. Elizabeth huffed when Blair had no choice but to sit next to her, but decided that having a dislike for someone else in the club was a bad idea. So she forced a smile, and made room, keeping to her side of the couch. She was much too stubborn to apologize.

Joey grinned. "Quiet, are you? I'm Joey Reynolds, nice to meet you." Joey introduced himself. His eyes then traveled to Elizabeth, and his grin widened. Elizabeth didn't only have a cute face, that was one of the hottest bodies he'd seen all day. Not wanting to seem rude to Alice he quickly returned his gaze on the dark haired girl.

Nikki nodded. "Yup! Uhm... He's Oliver Squire." Nikki said, shuffling through her pages. "We should be good to start any time now!"

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11First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 20th 2011, 1:28 pm

Blair cleared her throat and focused her attention at Nikki, silently appreciating Elizabeth's gesture of respect.
Alice giggled, "My name's Alice." She looked more closely at Joey, seeing now that he was much older, "Are you a junior?" She asked, still holding a smile.
Dominic nodded, "I'm sure that throughout the year, the government will send in more. This is a good show-up though."

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12First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 20th 2011, 2:14 pm


"Yup, I am! Hey, what's your ability?" Joey said, shifting in his seat so that he could get comfortable.

Nikki smiled. "Yup! It seems like a great turnout!" After this, she cleared her throat and stood up, smiling at Joey, who lent back a bit to allow the blonde to speak. Oliver removed his ear buds and rolled his headphones around his ipod, shoving his hands into his pockets and lounging on his section of the seat he shared with Vince.

"I'm glad you all decided to come! Uhm... the SP club is an organization for gifted students but you already know that... the government usually has us preform tasks for the city, sort of like a community service... and sometimes there are bigger issues to face... like villains... sometimes there can be fighting involved but usually if you're feeling wary about that you don't necessarily be right there..." Nikki attempted to give her speech, shifting constantly. It was obvious she was nervous already. "P-perhaps we should all mention our names and abilities? I'm Nikki Leblanc, I can speak to animals..." She started off.

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13First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 20th 2011, 5:20 pm

Alice bounced up from her seat, "My name is Alice Wiley," She announced, "I can send telepathic messages." She finished with a smile and sat back down in the same spot.
Dominic stood up, still next to Nikki, "I am Dominic and I am a graduate, who will probably be here a lot. My power is time control."
Blair got up lazily, "I'm Blair." She said, "And as you know.." She looked at Elizabeth, "I have dragon DNA."
Vince stood up, "My name is Vince." He started with a wave, "And I have venom immunity and control."

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14First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 20th 2011, 5:42 pm


Nikki smiled as everyone presented their powers. Elizabeth crossed her legs as Blair spoke and kept a blank face.

"I'm Joey Reynolds. My power isn't... uhh, a power. It's a metal arm." He rolled up his sleeve, showcasing the shining metal appendage.

"Elizabeth Gaudet. My ability is control over lightning and electricity." She said, lips forming a bit of a childish pout as she caught Blair's eye.

"And i'm Oliver Squire. Water elementalist." Oliver said. Nikki clapped her hands, satisfied with their cooperation.

"Good! Okay... now, our first order of business is to choose a mission for this week... the government supplied us with files. They range from being as simple as finding lost pets to being more difficult or unpredictable." Nikki offered a folder to the other students. "These aren't urgent, so we can do them in any order... but if the government calls us directly, we need to do the mission they ask us too right away..."

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15First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 20th 2011, 8:08 pm

Vince observed the others as they got up, particularly the girls. He found himself ogling at Elizabeth for a while, but managed to save himself an embarrassing moment by snapping out of it.
Blair saw his action, however, and gave him an "I saw that" look. Vince blushed and looked at Nikki, listening.

Meanwhile, a blonde woman stood outside of the school. She wore a pink blouse and some waist-high cargo shorts. The tracking device in her brain told her exactly where the meeting was being held and how to get there through the various vents within the school.
"Today's their first meeting huh?" Agent 9 spoke quietly to herself while pulling a bobby pin out of her hair. She jammed it into the custodian's office door and picked her way in. There, she would be able to crawl through a vent that connected to the SPC's room. It was the only entrance into the room that would not require a key.

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16First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 1:17 pm


Elizabeth lounged on her side of the couch, oblivious to Vince's stare. She did, however, catch Blair's look at Vince and his suddenly pink cheeks. Confused for a minute, Elizabeth too focused her attention on Nikki. It was obvious Oliver was interested in his ipod more so than he was Nikki.

Nikki didn't seem swayed and grinned. She offered a few envelopes to everyone. "We don't need to pick anything today... this meeting is really just so that we can all get to know each other better."

The door opened behind her and the lean, long haired Kyle entered the clubroom, wide grin on his face. "Honey, i'm hooooome." he cheered, flopping down next to Joey and placing an arm around the younger boys shoulders. Joey squirmed out of his grip. Just then, Kyle noticed Alice, gave her a bright smile, and looked at Joey. "You and flat chested girls...." Kyle started, but Joey kicked his knee. Kyle winced.

"Everyone, this is Kyle." Joey introduced him. "He graduated last year. He's also a part time hobo."

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17First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 1:56 pm

Alice overheard what Kyle said. Her face turned bright red in embarrassment and she looked away, bringing her knees up to her chest.
Blair smiled, "Hi Kyle!" She yipped.

Agent 9 dejectedly crawled into the vent. It was hot and narrow, but not too narrow that she couldn't navigate. She slithered through maze of vents, not questioning the turns she made in order to find the room. Her first order was to find the SPC and overhear whatever they may be talking about.
Finally reaching the club room, Agent 9 took a look at the new members. Damn, it appeared she missed their introductions. Oh well, she would find out who they all were as individuals in time.

Vince happened to turn his eyes up toward the vent, and was caught off guard when a pair of blue eyes looked at him back, "Um...I think there's somebody watching us." He said, pointing up at the ceiling.
Agent 9 gasped out loud. She may as well have, she had been caught anyway.

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18First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 2:24 pm


Joey ran his hand over his face. "Ignore Kyle, he's dumb." He mumbled to Alice. Kyle gave Blair a painful grin.

"Hey Blair." He heard Vince's comment and looked up, seeing a pair of blue eyes as well.

"Hmmm... she looks hot. Tell her to come down, Nikki!" Kyle said, casually wrapping an arm around Blair's shoulders.

Nikki immediatly walked over, looking up at the woman in the vent. "Excuse me... uhm, why are you in the ventilation system?" She asked. Oliver stared at the woman and said nothing.

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19First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 2:39 pm

Alice nodded quietly, but then looked at the girl up in the vent. What WAS she doing there?
Blair huffed at Kyle, "You would say something like that, wouldn't you?"

Without saying a word, Agent 9 picked up the control panel she stole from the school a while back. She found the button that would make all power go out. In seconds, the numbers on the digital clock disappeared, the lights went completely out, and all computers shut down. Agent 9 slid away from the club room and made her way to the hallway outside.
Agent 9 kicked the vent to the hallway down and jumped down. Quickly, she pulled out a flashlight and grabbed another bobby pin. She thrust it into the lock and kept it there. That way, the SPC couldn't even turn the knob to open the door.

Vince made his way to the door and tried turning it open, "She has us trapped in here."
Dominic by instinct grabbed a hold of Nikki, "Alright, everybody. Stay calm. Things like this happen all the time." He said, even though he was a bit in a panic himself.

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20First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 2:49 pm


"Well, it's true!" Kyle argued, just as the power went out. He kept his eyes on the vent. he could no longer see Agent 9. Kyle grinned. Joey moved to the door and shook the knob, but it was firmly locked.

"She must be a baddie. Newbies, welcome the the SP club, this is your first mission! We need to find a way outside--" Kyle started.

"Blast the door down." Oliver interrupted, forming a violently churning orb of evaporated water in his hands.

"Without damaging school property. The government will get mad if we do that." Nikki interrupted, glancing up at Dominic as he held her. her cheeks tinted pink. Fortunately for her in the darkness, they were sufficiently hidden. Oliver made a face akin to annoyance as he flicked his wrist and splashed Vince in the face unintentionally. Elizabeth stood up and placed her hands on her hips. "Why doesn't this room have windows?" She grumbled.

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21First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 3:02 pm

Blair didn't bother looking at Elizabeth but answered her question, "So folks like that woman don't have an easy way of breaking in." She said, now realizing that Kyle's arm was around her.
Alice stood up and looked at the vent, "Maybe we can go through the vent." She suggested.
Dominic nodded, "We could. But I don't think any of us have an idea of how to navigate through them." He said, calmer knowing that nobody was freaking out.
"Perhaps we can send a few people through the vent to find a way out and then they can help the rest of us." Vince said, "If we all went at once, that woman may notice all the noise in the vents and do something to them."

Agent 9 figured that somebody would suggest the vents. She knew the SPC wasn't completely stupid. She went through each hallway and made sure every exit had a barricade of some sort. That way even if they made it out of the room, there was still the obstacle of leaving the school.

Alice hesitated for a second, "I'll...I'll go into the vent." She knew she was probably the smallest person there and the least likely to make noise.

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22First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 3:14 pm


Kyle grinned at Blair when she finally noticed his arm. Although Elizabeth did not seem happy with this answer she accepted it, marching around the room as she thought.

"You'd be willing?" Nikki said to Alice, sounding relieved. "That would be a big help Alice! Kyle, maybe you can go with her?"

Kyle blinked. "I'm not tiny, I won't fit."

"You can transform into a cat." Nikki pointed out, wiggling the doorknob again. Kyle shook his head.

"Not happening. Good luck looking through the vents, we are forever in your debt." Kyle said, using his free hand to make a flourishing bow in Alice's direction. Nikki pouted, but turned to Alice.

"It would be better for someone familiar with the school went with you, but that will create way too much noise for two people... no one else is as tiny as you... but I suppose you can go alone then." Nikki said, pointedly staring at Kyle. Kyle rumbled, looking uncomfortable with the situation. "Well... it can't be too hard to figure out the vents, can it?" He said, looking at Alice. Nikki kept giving him the evil eye.

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23First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 3:21 pm

Blair shook her head at Kyle, "Way to be a jerk." She scolded, poking his nose playfully.
"It's okay." Alice said nervously, but added a smile. She climbed up onto the desk and reached up to the vent. Of course, she was too short, "Could I get a lift?" She asked, blushing.

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24First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 3:25 pm


Kyle scrunched up his face. "Well it hurts to transform." He pouted, giving Blair a pitiful look. "You can't blame me for that can you?"

"Yes we can, wimp." Joey said, walking over to Alice and lifting her up with his mechanical arm. "This high enough? Can you reach?" He asked.

"What do you think her intention was for locking us in the clubroom?" Nikki asked Dominic.

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25First Meeting Empty Re: First Meeting on October 21st 2011, 3:31 pm

Dominic thought for a moment, "Something tells me this is a test." He said, "I mean, we've never seen her before. She's never attacked us. Maybe this is her way of getting to know how we respond in situations, for future reference."
Alice smiled again, "Yes. Thank you." She climbed into the vent and looked around, deciding which way she should start with.
Blair snorted, "Such a softie."

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