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Oliver Squire

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..|| Failure is your disease ||..

Name: Oliver Michael Squire

Age: 14, although he looks much older.

Gender: Male

Grade: Freshmen, but he has been mistaken as an upperclassmen before.

Birthday: September 13th

Ability: He can control water, ice, mist, ect. He can also create little air bubbles for underwater traveling.

Height: 5’10”

Eye Color: Purple, inherited from his father.

Hair Color: Naturally it’s brown, but he dyed it red and orange.

Body type: Tall, lean, well muscled, looks more mature and older than he actually is.

Likes: Dubstep, music, hardcore techno, rap music, blasting music, fighting, violent video games, girls, sane guys,

Dislikes: Justin Bieber, being told what to do, loosing his temper, homework, money.

Clubs: Nothing, until he was forced to join the SP club.

Fav. Subject: Gym and French

Least Fav. Subject: Anything that requires effort.

(current) Family: His mother Lynette, his father Jonsey.

Pets: None

Talents: Judo, fighting, drawing.

Personality: Oliver is a pretty quiet guy. Because of the fact that he rarely opens his mouth, he seems a lot more mature than he actually is. In reality, he’s extremely impatient. It does not take very much to make him mad. Oliver is not one to mince words, beat around the bush, or talk problems out. When he can’t figure something out, he’ll fight you hand on hand. Oliver values brawn over brain.

Fun facts: Oliver takes a lot after his mother. Oh, he also gets into trouble for not wearing a shirt to class. He’s got a bunch of tattoos on his back, but the one that coils around his upper torso is a birthmark, the symbol of a water elementalist.

..|| You want my outline drawn ||..

History: Oliver’s family wasn’t always only three. There was a daughter too. Her name was Alyssa, and she committed suicide when she was 16 and Oliver was 3. Her death changed the Squire family forever.

Mrs. Squire became angry after that. Angrier than usual, anyway. She usually took her anger out on her husband, and usually Mr. Squire would find himself explaining black eyes and bruises to his coworkers. Oliver, not really knowing anything different, didn’t find violence odd. His mother encouraged him to fight. She told him not to be like his father, to be a man. So Oliver did. He got suspended from middle school every other week. Rather than disciplining her son, Mrs. Squire encouraged this, saying that a man who only knows how to solve math problems is worthless. Her husband, a lowly cubicle worker, was often the victim of Mrs. Squire’s insults. More than once she blamed Mr. Squire for Alyssa’s suicide, saying it was all his fault that she felt underappreciated and bullied. She blamed him because of the ‘gift’ she inherited from Mr. Squire. Alyssa was a healer, but the wrong person had discovered her power and tormented her daily. Oliver inherited an ability too, and it was obvious Mrs. Squire was disappointed. “You’re a freak just like your father. Great.” She would say. Oliver does not hold any fond memories of his mother. She is a horrible drunkard, and has hit her son on more than one occasion.

Oliver entered high school with the same mentality as he did middle school-- who cares about grades, just get through the day. He was forced to join the SP club. He heard that it involves fighting, which is the only reason he’ll even show up.

..|| You were my greatest failure ||..

Oliver has no friends.

..|| Discourse is your saving song ||..

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