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Alexandria Monroe

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1Alexandria Monroe Empty Alexandria Monroe on October 29th 2011, 9:31 am

Alexandria Monroe Anime_evil_girl_by_SweetPlague

.:+:.. Let's Get Something Straight, Dear ..|+.
Name: Alexandria Dawn Monroe (sometimes goes by Alex)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Grade: Unknown
Ability: She is a dark wizard. She practices curses and dark magic.
Likes: Birds, vintage clothing, herself, getting her way, being the upper hand, chivalrous men
Dislikes: Being patronized, extremely tall people, fast food, teenagers
Clubs: Unknown
Fav. Subject: Unknown
Least Fav. Subject: Unknown
(current) Family: Unknown
Pets: None.
Talents: Magic, ballroom dancing
Personality: Prideful, perfectionist, dignified, selfish, vengeful, a bit sadistic
Physical apperance:
-5'5” with a well proportioned thin body.
-Round, young looking face. Very smooth skin. Medium sized eyes.
-Short, choppy black hair and copper brown eyes.
-Pale-medium skin with a bit of rosiness.

.:+:.. I Get What I Want ..|+.
History: All that is necessary to know is that she wanted to join the SPC in high school, but was rejected because of her tendency to practice dark magic.
Alexandria Monroe Shorthllair

.:+:.. Relationships ..|+.
Roman: She finds him to be an interesting person and respects that he is also a wizard. However, Alexandria still thinks that she is better than him.

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