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Kara Vaughn

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1Kara Vaughn Empty Kara Vaughn on October 15th 2011, 11:46 am

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.:+:.. The City Is ..|+.
Name: Kara Angelien Vaughn(care-ah an-jell-een von)
Age: 18
Birthday: January 14th
Gender: Female
Grade: Freshman in college, studying Natural Medicine.
Ability: Elementist
Likes: Skiey, Japan, her house, coffee, tea, wine, cats
Dislikes: Trashy girls, rap music, new cars, lies
Clubs: The SPC, used to be in various dance clubs
Fav. Subject: Natural Medicine
Least Fav. Subject: English
(current) Family: Hansen, Yume, and Leopold
Pets: She has a Siamese cat named Mimi.
Talents: Quite the dancer, surprisingly is a skilled shooter, a very good(but maniacal) driver
Personality: Kara is a very caring and loyal individual. At one point, she had a very shy phase but eventually it passed. She is a sweet person who has a high level of patience and a practically non-existent temper. On the flip side, due to her wealth, she has developed a slight “better-than-you” complex and can be a bit arrogant at times. Kara has been through quite a bit, however, and it has given her a slightly rough edge.
Physical apperance:
Kara, being part Japanese, stands in a rather petite body at 5'4". She's very thin, but has a larger than average bust. From years of dance, she has some lean muscle, but not too much. Her face is like that of a doll's; round with wide set hazel eyes, a small but shapely pair of lips, and porcelain skin with rosy cheeks. She has very long dark brown hair and bangs.

Fun facts:
-Drives a 1998 Cadillac DeVille

.:+:.. A Million Miles Away ..|+.
On a snowy, but peaceful January in Japan, a baby girl was born to a rather interesting couple. A young, but very beautiful and wise medium named Yume had fallen in love with a Dutch diplomat named Leopold, who had only intended on staying in Japan for a few weeks.
A few weeks indeed. He had been with her for years and this was their second child. The baby girl's name was Kara. This child was destined to be a special one, given that a gift ran on her mother's side. This gift wasn't something like beautiful eyes or a long life, no. This was the philanthropy of a super-human power. Her power was the ability to control the simple elements of earth, water, fire, and air. Kara's older brother, Hansen, also had a “super power”. He could thrust illnesses upon people and also heal them.
There came a time after Kara's little sister, Ayuri was born that Leopold was called to go on an important trip that would take a couple of years. He was forced to leave Yume and the geisha house. Nobody ever heard from him again. The house went through a dark period. Yume was now the head of the house, and went through much criticism. Fundamentalists thought of the house to be a brothel and nasty rumors were spread about what went on in the house. One unfortunate night, a couple of fundamentalist men came to the house to vandalize it. The poor thing was set on fire, burning down a portion. Yume felt that it was time to send her children away, for this was not a safe time for them to be in the geisha house.
Kara, Hansen, and Ayuri were sent to a rather luxurious property in America. The mansion belonged to their father and had not been occupied for quite some time. It appeared Victorian and was colored off-white. Over-grown grape vines clung to its exterior, and the garden was surprisingly in good shape(but only because of the servants who still came to the property). This mansion was clearly very old, for it had no garage; only a semicircular driveway with a single shaded area for one or two cars. Inside there were 10 bedrooms exactly, a dainty kitchen with an equally dainty dining room, a rather large living room, and a library with an area for sitting.
The children grew up with a rich life, not hearing from either of their parents. The servants did receive constant instruction by Yume, but were told not to let her children know that. She wanted them to grow up peacefully, without a worry. Unfortunately, her youngest daughter's life was cut short by an apparent suicidal drowning. This scarred Kara, and made her become anxious and very silent all the time.
When high school started for her, she was automatically obliged to join a club called the SPC. She wasn't exactly fond of doing this until she found out that the club was a secretive sanctuary for teenagers just like her. Though, it wasn't exactly a peaceful sanctuary, because club members were expected to do missions for the government. Kara didn't mind it so much because she enjoyed helping. However, she had a lot of difficulty making friends with her extremely shy nature.
After meeting Skiey and becoming more mature, Kara left her shyness behind and became who she is today. Much has happened to her in between and she has become quite mature.

.:+:.. Relationship Bank ..:+.
Skiey: What once was a little girl's crush is now something more moving to Kara. Skiey has made the most impact in her life, in a positive way. She loves him and wouldn't stand to ever lose him.
Hansen: Though Kara gets very annoyed at him constantly, Hansen is still her brother and she cares for him. Recently she has been more sensitive to him because of his situation with Maylene.
Yume: Kara looks up to her mother, and thinks she is a noble woman.
Blair: Kara has mixed feelings about Blair. She knows that she is misunderstood most of the time, but appreciates her honesty.
Dominic: Dominic is like a brother to Kara. She finds him to be cute because of his childish nature.
Nikki: Kara enjoys that there is a sane person in the SPC. She likes Nikki and thinks of her to be a sweetheart.

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