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Maylene Aisaka

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..|| If I die young, bury me in satin ||..

Name: Maylene (Japanese: Meirin) Aisaka

Age: She died at 20 years old.

Gender: Female

Grade: She had graduated high school, and never pursued a college degree.

Marital status: She was dating Hansen when she died.

Ability: None

Height: 5’6”

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Long, straight, and brown.

Likes: women’s rights, equality, politics, children (even if she’s bad with them), ghost stories, japan, and Hansen.

Dislikes: Kaorin, spiders, annoying people, Kaorin, bratty kids, getting hurt

Clubs: N/A

Fav. Subject: N/A

Least Fav. Subject: N/A

(current) Family: Her mother and father, who both live in Japan. Her unborn child died with her.

Pets: None

Talents: Taking charge of situations, fighting, arguing, cleaning

Personality: Bossy, feminist, strong willed, stubborn, very sweet to people she loves.

Fun fact: She usually wears kimonos, even in America. They were just always comfortable to her.

..|| Lay me down on a bed of roses, sink me in the river at dawn

History : Maylene grew up in Lady Yume’s household. Her parents sold her to be a servant. Maylene grew to see the other maidens as family. She met Yume’s kids, of course, but she was not close to them. The only shrine maidens who Maylene did not get along with were Kaorin and her friend. Maylene hated Kaorin’s obsession with the young lord of the house—she found it juvenile and, at least Maylene was taught this—a maid was in no place to pursue the heart of a lord.

After the attack on Lady Yume’s mansion, the young siblings were sent away. To be honest, Maylene was not very much bothered by this. Unlike Kaorin, who sobbed almost every day, Maylene continued to do housework and wait on Lady Yume. Years later, Yume wanted Maylene to visit America, to check up on her kids. Maylene knew the most English out of all the maids, which was why she was chosen. She was sent to America and observed the SP club. She then re-met Yume’s kids, and before she knew it, she wound up falling for Hansen. They were very happy together, and much to Maylene’s delight, Yume was accepting. And even more to Maylene’s delight, she had beaten Kaorin at something.

Maylene died in a hospital on a late December night. She had gone into labor with her and Hansen’s child, and she did not make it. Her unborn son died as well.

..|| Send me away with the words of a love song ||..

Hansen: Maylene initially felt only platonic respect for him, but she fell in love with him when she moved to America. He meant everything to her. Maylene wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, although that was cut far too short.

Kara: Maylene’s respect for Kara never changed from when the two were younger. Maylene has always seen Kara as a sisterly figure, and she’s always held Kara on a bit of an untouchable pedestal.

Skiey: Maylene barely knew Skiey, and initially held a bad opinion of him, but trusted Kara’s judgment. Her opinion of him was in the process of changing for the better upon her death.

..|| The sharp knife, of a short life ||..

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