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Don't turn around

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26Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 13th 2011, 3:04 pm

Alice nodded, "Yeah. I get cold very easily." She said, laughing a little. Her head was the only thing exposed at this point.
Dominic sat next to the fire and watched the smoke rise. He opened up a bag of meat links and veggie links, knowing that Nikki was a vegetarian. Vince grabbed whatever he could get and began to roast it on the fire.

Blair shook her head, "No, it's coming from that way." She argued, pointing in the direction that she heard it. She sniffed, "The forest is playing tricks on us." She declared, starting to walk where Kyle suggested to go.

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Joey laughed. "Wow, even I don't get cold that easily. Not even in december. Here." He wrapped an arm arouind her blanket covered shoulders, making sure that it was the human one that could provide heat. "I'll help keep you warm! Jeez, Kyle will not hear the end of it when he gets back."
Nikki took a veggie link, thanked Dominic for taking the extra effort to get vegitarian food, and started to roast it. Oliver took a meat link and started to roast it, placing the link directly in the fire.

Kyle lead the way, thankful to hear the moaning decrease. But giggling, loud and girlish, came from directly in front of them. The girl with the noose was back, staring up at them with glassy eyes.
"This is the wrong way." She said, laughing. "I think you're a little too far gone to be saved now~"
Kyle paled a bit. "S-- go home, kid." he said. The girl laughed again, and vanished.
"S-s-should we change direction?" Kyle asked Blair.

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28Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 13th 2011, 3:31 pm

Dominic began to roast a meat link. He sighed, "I thought meat would lure Blair out of the prank." He groaned.
Alice nestled herself into Joey's arm and frowned at Dominic's words, "What do we do if they don't come out?" She asked.
Dominic sighed, "I don't know.."

Blair nodded, "What did she mean by that?" She asked, her voice was now trembling. The moon was full and it was the only source of light now. The air felt especially cold. Suddenly she felt something hit her ankle and it made her fall forward.
"What the hell was that?!" She demanded with a huff of smoke. She felt around for the object that tripped her and grabbed onto something cold and clammy. She looked a little closer; a dismembered leg. Blair squealed, jumping up and latching onto Kyle again.

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Nikki twirled her veggie meat lightly, allowing it to cook from all angles. "I think they'll come back soon... if it was a prank, they'll get bored easily."
Elizabeth roased her meat and snuggled in her blanket. "Oh well. Their loss of food." She said. Meanwhile, Oliver had just stuck his meat link in the center of the fire, successfully charring the meat. He blew out the fire that had exctended onto the meat and took a generous bite. Joey took some trail mix, choosing not to eat meat right now. "If they're not out in a half hour, we can send some people to search. Does anyone have powers that can help?"
"I can make light." Elizabeth said. "But i'm not going alone."

"I don't know." Kyle said, moving a few bushes around. Suddenly Blair screamed and clang to him. Kyle looked down and saw the leg. He made a face.
"I think we might've stumbled upon a crime scene..." He murmured. "We're just tired, we're seeing things." He parted a few more bushes. He wished he hadn't. Hanging from a tree was a noose, and tied to that noose was the human body of the same girl they had just been speaking to. All of her body parts were attached. "Oh crap..." Kyle said, eyes widening. That leg, now that he thought about it, looked very fresh... were they trapped with a killer in the woods? Was that what the girl had meant?

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Vince looked at everybody, "I feel as if splitting up isn't the best idea at this point." He said, "If Blair and Kyle are actually lost, splitting up would be an invitation for more losses."
Dominic nodded in agreement, "Vince is right. I have a very strange feeling about this place."
An inhuman howl came from the distance behind them. It couldn't have been a wolf or any other animal.
Alice squeaked and hid in her blanket, "What was that?" She asked, muffled.

Blair felt sick to her stomach upon seeing the body of the small girl hang there before her, "I don't think we're just seeing things." She whimpered.
A strong gust of wind raced about them with the words, "You're next".
Blair began to cry; something she never though anybody would see. She hid her face in Kyle's chest.

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31Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 13th 2011, 5:03 pm


"We can't just leave them if they are lost, though..." Nikki said. "We'll wait until morning and if they're not back by then we'll all look for them, okay?" She volenteered. She didn't like the idea of waiting, but she didn't want to risk people getting split up in the dark.
Joey's eyes shot up to the sound. His eyes widened. "Something else is in this forest." he said. "that wasn't human or any known animal...." Oliver's ears perked, his attention grabbed by the noise. He wanted to go and find out what it was, but he could probably safely assume that the others wouldn't want to go gallavanting through the woods.
"Maybe it's some creature that attacked those two?" he suggested, calmly taking a bite of his meat on a stick.

The wind blew again. Kyle held Blair, closing the bush.
"Believe me yet?"
The voice had come from behind the scared couple. Kyle's eyes followed the voice. The ghost of the girl who had been hung stood innocently on the path. "Hey, maybe if you make this fun, the forest will let you live longer!"
"What!?" Kyle asked, stroking Blair's head. He had never thought he'd ever see her cry.
The girl giggled and vanished again. Kyle looked around. He felt like either way they went, they'd be lead into a trap. "W-we can find a river... rivers flow towards civilization." He tried to find a logical way out of the situation. As he spoke, the laugh of the girl rang out, but it faded into a choking noise halfway through.

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32Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 13th 2011, 9:29 pm

Dominic looked in the direction the noise came from, "These stories definitely were not rumors." He said.
Alice whimpered, "I'm not getting any sleep tonight at all." She declared, hidden within the blanket still.
Vince looked at Oliver, "Are you wanting to find whatever it is that made that noise?" He asked as if Oliver was some sort of crazy person.

Blair looked back fiercely at where the little girl was standing, "Fun?! How in hell can any of these be fun?!" She exclaimed between sobs. She looked at Kyle, "We need keep walking somewhere. It's the only thing we can do if we want to find the others." She suggested, wiping her tears. The look on her face was a pitiful mixture of terrified and disappointed in herself for crying.

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33Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 14th 2011, 3:48 pm


Nikki paled a bit. "I-if that's true then maybe Blair and Kyle did get lost..." she said, pressing her hand to her cheek.
Joey looked at Oliver and Vince. Elizabeth whined, curling up in her blanket. "I don't want ghosts to come an dhaunt us!" She complained.
Oliver's purple eyes bounced down from looking at the treetops to stare at Vince. "Well knowing is better than guessing, isn't it? Besides, you want to leave those two alone out their? If we wait till mornign we might never find them." He jabbed his thumb in the forests direction.

The last part of the girl to fade was her wide grin.
Kyle, completely unnerved, tried to listen for water. Fortunatly, cats had better hearing than humans. To the southeast, he heard the rushing of a brook. "I hear water down here. If we follow the river we'll be fine." He said, starting to lead Blair down that way, ignoring the moaning noises which had returned.

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34Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 14th 2011, 5:22 pm

Vince nodded, "Oliver is right. What kind of friends would we be to just wait and assume that they are okay?" He asked.
Dominic sighed, "Well, if one of us goes, then we all must go. I'm not going to risk the group splitting up even further."
Alice groaned, completely freaked out by the situation.

Blair nodded, regaining whatever composure she had before she started to cry. She heard the water as well, though probably not as well as Kyle. She began to think if even the water was a figment of their imagination, but at this point, she was willing to risk just about anything to get out of this mess.

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35Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 14th 2011, 7:39 pm


Oliver looked at the others, stood up, and headed towards the forest. "Well then we can't just sit around. If we're going to go down, we might as well do it with dignity."
Nikki vaugly was reminded by Skiey by Oliver's attitude towards this. "Well I... I agree. We should go... especially with this knowlage. But perhaps one or two of us should stay here, just in case they come back?" Nikki suddenly had a ephiphany. She reached into the girls tent and pulled her backpack. In her bag were two walkie talkies.
"We can still communicate with these! I brought them for the mission, I was hoping to explore in daylight. I wish i'd thought to give one to Blair or Kyle..."

Kyle lead the way through the brush. There, long and ever curving, was a flowing brook. Kyle and Blair were on a high hill, so it would be useless to get any closer to the water. "Look, Blair, we found--"
The giggling returned, but the girl didn't. But Kyle saw somethign he swore wasn't there before-- he saw the decaying body of a young boy lying next to the stream. "What the fuck?!" He yelled.

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36Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 14th 2011, 8:53 pm

Alice raised her hand from under the blanket, "I volunteer to stay!" She shouted, muffled.
Dominic handed her a walkie-talkie. He grabbed a few flashlights and handed them to those who were going.

Blair jumped at the sight of the decaying body, "Who is the twisted son of a bitch who is killing all of these children?!" She demanded to the high heavens.
More down the river, the same boy could be seen fishing; it was his ghost. He turned and stared blankly at Blair and Kyle, "I'm afraid you are much too lost. Poor fellows." He sighed, fading into the night.

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37Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 15th 2011, 3:15 pm


"All right.. anyone else?" Nikki asked, standing up and accepting a flashlight from Dominic. Joey shrugged, and dug into the boys tent. "I'll stay, I don't like wandering in forests at night. 'Sides, i'd get lost." he returned holding a blanket for himself. He draped it over his shoulders, the material mostly covering his left side. He placed another meat link on his stick, proceeding to cook. Nikki nodded and turned her flashlight on, looking up the path. The light from the flashlight made it creepier.
"If we run out of battery, I can use my power to light the way a bit." Elizabeth said, crawling out of the girls tent. While everyone else had been talking, she had changed into long pants and hiking boots, both of which were rather stylish. She took a flashlight, threw her hair back, and looked into the woods. She made a face. Oliver took a flashlight from Dominic and turned it on, walking onto the path. Leaves were crushed under his feet. The light illuminated the dark trees, and overemphasised shadows. Elizabeth followed him in with much less confidence, her bravery fading with every step. Nikki waved to the others and headed in herself, testing the walkie talkie while doing so. It worked fine.

Kyle watched as the boy dissapeared. "Pretend it didn't happen. Pretend it didn't happen." Kyle said, pushing through the undergrowth. The sound of the roaring river was somewhat calming; it was a way to keep real. Normally Kyle would have a more joking demeanor about this, or any situation, but the rush was starting to fade and fear was replacing it. He held Blair's hand, not wanting to loose her in this messed up forest.

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38Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 15th 2011, 3:51 pm

Dominic held Nikki's hand and began to walk on what he thought looked like it should have been a path. Vince walked ahead of them, looking around at the creepiness projected off of his flashlight. Whatever bravery he had before slowly sank away from him.
Alice peaked out from under the blanket and snatched a hot dog.

Blair squeezed Kyle's hand gently and looked around. She sighed, "I wonder if everybody else is okay." She said, distancing herself from the scariness of the situation. Blair was far too scarred for anything to phase her anymore.

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39Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 15th 2011, 4:01 pm


Nikki gripped Dominic's hand back, forcign a smile on her face. "Let's keep to the path and call out their names, we'll find them soon." putting on a brave front, keeping her flashlight trained on the path.
"Kyle? Blair" She asked. Suddenly, there was a loud snapping soundm, as though a tree had fallen somewhere. The only sign that Nikki jumped was the shaking of her hands, and the shifting of the flashlights light. Elizabeth shrieked, turning to face the sound. It came from the left... and it sounded very far off. Oliver too had his light focused in that direction.
"Well. We're not going that way." Oliver remarked. "The trees here are old. Trees fall on occasion." Elizabeth calmed down a bit. Elizabeth was shaking now. She realy was not one for horror... especially in real life.

Joey grinned and finished his meat. "Yessss. All cooked." He took a generous bite. But something caused him to pause... he heard what sounded like a giggle coming from the way they had entered the woods. "Did you hear that?" he asked Alice, taking a bit of his food.

Kyle nodded. "Yeah, they should be. After all, they're all at the campsite. I bet they think we went off to mess around or something." he laughed, the sound a shadow of his usual laugh. A dark thought entered his mind-- if they assumed that, then that would mean no one was looking for them... shoving that thought to the back of his mind Kyle pressed on, comforted by the roaring of water and Blair's hand in his.

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Dominic looked off into the woods, "I'm starting to feel as if it isn't the age that is making these trees creaky." He said, his voice drifting, "Kyle? Blair?" He shouted, his voice echoing.
Vince stood next to Elizabeth and patted her shoulder, "Everything's okay." He said, in an effort to comfort her, "Nothing's going to happen to us."

Alice gasped, her eyes widening. "Blair?" She squeaked, hopefully. Though, she knew that voice was far too young sounding to be Blair.

Blair smirked, "Who would be silly enough to mess around in a place like this." She said, looking at the surrounding area with a grimace, "Such a depressing place.."

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Oliver walked forward, hearing another tree snap. This one was not nearly as loud as the last, however. He looked down at the ground more closely. He saw a pile of sticks... the pile that Blair dropped when Kyle spooked her. He could also see the faint outline of footprints.
"They were here." Oliver told the others, shining his flashlight on the indents in the soil. Nikki looked down. "Yeah.. they were. We're on the right track! Kyle! Blair!" Nikki said, her attention shifting to finding them again.
Elizabeth turned to Cince and offered a smile. "T-thanks." She said, smiling. "Yeah, we'll be fine--"
She heard a deep laughter. it sounded extremely close, but she turned around and no one was there. "Did you hear that laughing? It was too deep to be Kyle... right?" Elizabeth asked Vince, grabbing his arm in an effort to calm herself down.

Joey finished his meat and took another link out. "That's not Blair." He said, throwing the meat where the sound came from. He heard the cracking of thin twigs as the link hit the ground. Silence.
"We must be hearing things--" Joey started, but suddenly a louder giggle, an arrogant sounding laugh, came from directly behind Alice. Joey's eyes widened. There was nothing behind her to make the noise except for the wind, which was starting to pick up a bit.

Kyle shook his head. "According to them us, apparently." he looked around. The lack of the laughter and moaning was a welcome relief. "Such a creepy place." He added, walking at a steady pace, but he slowed, because the hill between the two and the river grew steeper and wetter.

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Dominic looked at the footprints, "We need to follow these. It's out only chance of finding them." He said, looking closely at the prints.
Vince shook his head and jumped at the laughter, "That was way too deep to be either of them." He looked into the deep woods, "Blair? Kyle?"

Alice felt a cold air wrap around her neck, giving her a wave of goosebumps. Suddenly she heard a low and deep cackle in her ear. She let out a loud, blood curdling scream that seemed to shake the night. She dove towards Joey.

Blair laughed, "I might be a bit of a hard ass sometimes, but I'm not that daring." She said. She looked around and appreciated the moment of no creepiness, "Speak of which, people in the club seem to think we-" She was interrupted by the scream that seemed to come from a fair distance.
"Was that...Alice?"

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"Okay." Nikki said, following the footprints with her flashlight. "They rotated a lot here, and it looks like they started running to the right..." Nikki commented.
Oliver shivered and followed the path of the footprints. "They fade about here." He commented. The footprints, when oen moved up a considerable amount, were barely tangible from the soil. But to the left, there seemed to be more footprints... although those looked a size too big for even Kyle, who had rather large feet. Oliver, who did not know either of his friends foot sizes, was not swayed. "But they continue over here."
Elizabeth shivered. "I don't like this mission, let's go home and get a new one after we find them." She said. "And we'll just say to ban this forest forever, it's creepy."

Joey wrapped his arm around Alice, his eyes fixated on the spot where she had been sitting. The wind was blowing much stronger than it should have been with the location of the couple and the temperatures of the evening. The laughter seemed to get louder and closer. "T-the heck?" Quickly Joey grabbed the walkie talkie and pressed the button.
"No one's laughing or something? Is it windy wher-- u-- r"
Nikki, who had recieved the transmission, was confused. "Joey? No, we're all far away from you... it's not windy at all here... are you breaking up?"
Joey reached out his hand that wasn't wrapped around Alice, the mechanical one, and felt the air. it was so cold that he swore even his makeshift arm could feel it. Something was definably wrong here.

"They think we're what--" Kyle started, but he too heard the scream. It was coming from the direction they were headed. Kyle felt a little bad that he was relieved. That meant they were going the right way. "Yeah... we're on the right track." he said.

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44Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 15th 2011, 9:40 pm

Dominic blinked at the footprints that were larger, "Well, those certainly aren't Kyle's, and not Blair's either." He looked around, "Is somebody else in this forest with us?" He began to appear panicked, "What if there's somebody following them?"
Vince got a shiver from the larger footprints. It was absolutely unnerving that there might be somebody else in the forest. What would they be doing here?
"Let's keep going. It seems like whoever's these are was tracking the two down."

Alice listened to the conversation. She looked in the direction that the wind was coming from, "Wh-who's there?" She demanded from under the blanket and Joey's arm.

Blair kept her grasp on Kyle's hand and began to run at an almost abnormal pace. She called out, "Alice?! Anybody?"
Unfortunately, the two were still too far for anybody to hear them. She too, felt relieved that she at least heard something from the others.

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Oliver examined the footprints again. He did not know about the others shoe sizes so he went with Dominic’s judgment on the matter. “Someone else? What would they be doing here?” Oliver inquired, ignoring the slight whining of Elizabeth at the notion of another person in the forest.
“Maybe it was that thing that howled?” Nikki offered, tucking hair behind her ear. She sighed, heading towards where the footprints lead. “Well… we’ll find them or this thing eventually…” Nikki said, a bit unnerved by Joey’s walkie talkie communication. But they were at the campsite, they should be fine, she assured herself, and kept walking. Elizabeth kept close to Vince’s side and behind Oliver, her eyes glued to the ground.

The laughter returned. Suddenly the translucent figure of a man donned in a lab coat greeted them, holding a syringe in one hand and an amputated hand in the other.
“Who are you?” Joey asked, stepping back. The man had no eyes. He smiled at the young couple sinisterly.
“It’s okay. I’m a doctor.” He said, his laugh ringing out loudly. As he said this, the arm in his hand started to move. As it did so, the man plunged the syringe into it, causing the appendage to stop moving. Joey jumped at that. This was the creepiest thing he’d seen all day.

Kyle kept tearing through leaves and he was running at such a fast pace that he forgot to tread carefully. His long leg slipped on wet grass and he fumbled down the hill, thinking fast enough to let go of Blair’s hand as he tumbled. He didn’t know if he had let go of her hand fast enough to save her the fall. On the way down, he scraped his face, arms and jeans on pointy rocks and twigs. He landed in the shallow river, his jeans getting drenched. Twigs stuck out of his hair. He rubbed his head, looking around to see if Blair had been spared the fall or not. “Ugh, ow, my head.” He complained.

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46Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 16th 2011, 4:56 pm

Vince raised his eyebrows, "I don't even want to think about why they might be here." He said, trying to avoid the thoughts completely. He kept walking alongside the three sets of footprints.
Dominic blinked, "Werewolf? No...things are getting too crazy here." He said, shaking his head.

Alice's eyes widened at the man in the coat. She let out another scream, covering her eyes at the horrid sight, "What do you want from us?" She whimpered.

Blair gasped, "KYLE!" She cried, knowing his fall was partially her fault. She sprinted down the hill, somehow rolling out of every stumble she made. When she finally made it down to where he had fallen, she grabbed his shoulder's and looked into his eyes to see if they had been glazed by a concussion. She gave him a hug as a relief that he even survived the fall, "I'm so sorry." She whimpered.

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Nikki heard a chorus of thudding sounds. It sounded like something was falling. The sound was getting louder and louder, and the snapping of branches could be heard. "Something's coming!" She said, looking in the direction of the noise. Elizabeth's head shot around, too. Just through the thicket of trees could a rolling boulder be seen, tearing up the ground. Quickly Nikki dove out of the way, and Oliver moved himself to safty as well. When the boulder rolled away, all of the footprints would be rolled over, but Nikki didn't note that at first.

The man shrugged. "I've been alone for years. I want friends." he said. Joey tightened his grip on Alice. At the lack of positive responce, the man seemed to chuck the amputated arm at the two. He laughed, and was gone. Joey thought the arm would hit him and let out a loud scream, but the thing merely felt like a splash of cold water on his face. "T-the heck?" He complained, voice t an unnatural high.

Kyle glanced at Blair's eyes, rubbing his head. "I'm fine, i'm fine, don't worry about it." Kyle said. "I started to run wayyy too fast. It was my boo-boo." Kyle flashed her a grin in an effort to vanquish her fears, and returned her hug, his chin resting on her shoulder. Sadly, this was the only time today he'd felt slightly secure.

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"Where the hell did THAT come from?" Vince yelled, leaping out of the boulder's path.
Dominic dodged it, "Something's wrong. It seems like the forest is trying to force us out somehow." He said.

Alice trembled, "What is your name?" She asked, trying to be as friendly as she could so they wouldn't get hurt. She looked at Joey, "What happened?" She asked, seeing that his face was now dripping.

Blair felt around on Kyle's body, "Is anything broken?" She asked, holding each of his appendages and patting around. She stroked his head, "That was quite the fall you took. That hill had to have been at least 100 feet high."

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Elizabeth was trembling slightly. "Look! All the footprints are gone!" She observed, dramatically pointing to the dirt where the prints once rested. Now everything sounded scary to her, even the gentle sound of the breeze.
Nikki looked off in the direction the boulder had gone. "It looks as though the boulder eliminated the footprints...." She held Dominic's hand again. Oliver continued in the boulders wake as though nothing had happened.

The eyeless ghosats mouth turned up into a toothy grin. All of his teeth were either chipped or dyed dark due to blood-- it was a gruesome smile.
"I wouldn't expect you to be able to pronounce it." The scientist said. "None of my friends know my name. In fact, you're already my friend. Everyone in this forest is my friend... and none of them ever leave." he laughed. "Isn't that wonderful?"
Joey blinked. "I have no idea. He threw a hand at me." He said, the collar of his shirt getting wet from the dripping water.

Kyle snorted. "I'm fine!" He said. "Watch, i'll stand up." he stood up, and his body creaked in protest. His knees were ripped and bleeding, and his shirt was in ruins. His ancle hurt, but he was sore all over. "A little sore, but i'll live. It'll take more than that to kill me, stupid forest!" Kyle yelled to the heavens.

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50Don't turn around - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't turn around on November 16th 2011, 6:14 pm

Vince gave a very annoyed look at where the footprints used to be, "Fantastic." He mumbled.
Dominic held Nikki close, "Don't worry. If we keep walking, we'll eventually find their footprints again." He said, a little doubt lingering in his voice.

Alice blinked, "What do you mean they never leave?" She asked, stupidly. It was the least she could do to at least sound curious and concerned for the ghost. Though, she never lost her tight grip on Joey's arm.

Blair giggled a bit, but grimaced at Kyle's knees, "Well, you can at least walk, right?" She asked. She finally stood up in front of him and took another look at his body. He seemed a bit bruised up, but she was quite surprised and impressed that he wasn't at least knocked out.

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