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James 'Skiey' Panettiere

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Name: James T. Panettiere (A.K.A. Skiey)

Age: 21 years old.

Gender: Male

Grade: Sophomore in college (He took a year’s break between high school & college). He is a law major, and he’s extremely happy there.

Birthday: December 23rd

Marital status: Dating Kara

Ability: Skiey's ability is manipulation of shadows. His ability is, in actuality, fueled by the magic that he inherited from his father. He is a magic user, and he discovered this when he was 17.

Height: 6’8”

Eye Color: Light green.

Hair Color: Black. He always wears a hat on his head. Although it’s not always his red baseball cap, he’s always in some sort of hat.

Likes: Arguing, college, Kara, hats, jackets, mints, smoking, the occasional drink, guns, baseball, his mother.

Dislikes: His father, being lied to, people trying to take away his cigarettes, Rei’s overprotective nature, running for long distances.

Clubs: Debate club as his college. In his high school life, Skiey was involved in the baseball club. He still plays that sport in his spare time, but he’s increasingly focused on his work.

Fav. Subject: Gym (usually, it's easy)

Least Fav. Subject: Mathematics.

(current) Family: His mother Jane, himself, and Joey.

Pets: None.

Talents: he’s got extremely good aim, he’s always had a knack for carnival/arcade games. He’s a quick thinker, and never loses his head in bad situations.

Personality: Cold, sarcastic, blunt, but nice to those who earn his trust. He’s extremely stubborn. He’s a good liar.

Fun fact: He still sleeps with a teddy bear. Shhh.

.:+:.. These children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women ..|+.

History : Skiey was a mistake on both his parents’ parts. His mother was only 16 when she gave birth to Skiey. Her parents were extremely against Skiey’s very existence and Lo, his mother’s ex-boyfriend, left just after Jane found out she was expecting. Jane moved to her grandmothers house. Her grandmother agreed to let Jane stay and raise her son there. Jane did so until Skiey hit 13. Then Jane’s parents died and in some act of apology, they left their old house to Jane.

Jane, Skiey, and Jane’s grandmother moved back to Jane’s hometown. Skiey had to adapt to a new school, and since he had always been a troublemaking, apathetic brat just like Jane, he initially had difficulties. But soon upperclassmen started to talk to him. They convinced him to do many things from pulling pranks on teachers to skipping class, and eventually to doing drugs. He was pressured to take heroin and started to smoke at the age of 13. He kept this a secret from his mother and great grandmother. Skiey made a lot of friends after that, and Jane wasn’t worried since Skiey never complained about it.

When Skiey hit 14, his great grandmother died. This was a huge blow to both Jane and Skiey, and sparked some of Skiey’s depression. It also caused a large row between him and his friends and girlfriend at the time, which fueled his depressive thoughts. But a few months afterwards he was relatively back to normal, and he fit right back in with his friends (although he and his girlfriend Nancy broke up for good)

At 15, his mother discovered the drugs and cigarettes in Skiey’s room. After a heated argument, Jane forced her son to quit, going as far as locking him in a room with a therapist. Skiey didn’t quit smoking, but he did manage to dull the craving for heroin somewhat. It took 2 years, but when he was 17, he was off of the heroin.

At that time, Skiey’s powers were discovered. Jane was annoyed by this because it was yet another thing he had in common with his father. Skiey was forced to join the SP club, where he met his long time friends and future girlfriend. He also met Joey through the SP club, discovered his less than desirable living conditions, and forcibly adopted the boy into his family.

Throughout his senior year of high school, and after his graduation, Skiey’s mother practically forced the idea of college on Skiey’s shoulders. At first, Skiey didn’t care at all. He wanted to just get a job and forget about school, but Jane insisted he pursue college. Skiey knew lawyers made a lot of money, so he decided to pursue law for a major. He now loves it, and is doing amazingly well in school much to the shock of most of his friends and family. As far as his former neighbors, Talia and Luna Wilson go, he keeps in contact with them over email and skype. They moved during Skiey’s senior year, to a place more convenient for Mr. Wilson's work.

.:+:.. & cheap drinks, it feels right ..|+.

Kara: Skiey is particularly attached to Kara. He loves her, and won’t stand to have anyone make her upset, or to hurt her. His mother is fond of Kara, too. Skiey could see himself spending the rest of his life with her, as cheesy as that sounds.

Jane: Jane is Skiey’s mother. They argue all the time, and have a very interesting mother/son relationship. Despite the fact that they fight with each other all the time and tease each other, neither will let anyone hurt the other. They’re both very tough, and neither is a morning person. Jane has a habit of hounding Skiey for grandchildren. She is really very concerned for her son though-- she didn’t know until it was too late about his former depression, addictions, and smoking. Both of them smoke, by the way. Jane thinks that Kara is a good match for Skiey as well and she’s happy that he found someone to love.

Lo: Skiey’s birthfather. Skiey wants nothing to do with him. Skiey is the mirror image of him.

Joey: Joey is like a little brother to Skiey. Skiey looks out for the boy all the time. Skiey is a bit overprotective now when it comes to the boy, even though he doesn’t need to be.

Hansen: Hansen is okay in Skiey's book. Now that he isn't freakishly protective of his younger sister, things are actually pretty decent between Skiey and Hansen. Skiey's tendency to irritate Hansen changed after Maylene's death, and he became slightly more sympathetic.

Nikki: Someone who Skiey likes as a friend and nothing more.

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James 'Skiey' Panettiere Tumblr_miyl5gnFTU1s7949ho1_500

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