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Dominic Callahan

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1Dominic Callahan Empty Dominic Callahan on October 15th 2011, 4:41 pm

Dominic Callahan LoneWander

.:+:.. Set Them Free ..|+.
Name: Dominic Ryan Callahan
Age: 19
Birthday: September 4th
Gender: Male
Grade: Freshman in college, studying education
Ability: Time control
Likes: Books, dressing fancy, having company, friends, parties, women
Dislikes: Being alone, his ADHD, sports, hot weather, math
Clubs: The SPC, was in a book club
Fav. Subject: English
Least Fav. Subject: Math or science
(current) Family: His Grandma Rosie.
Pets: None.
Talents: Speed reading, socializing
Personality: Dominic is a very outgoing guy who loves to be around people. However, he isn't very obnoxious at all; just a very friendly person. He has ADHD that he's very self-conscious about and takes medicine for it. He also hates being alone and hates leaving other people by themselves. Dominic is also quite smart and actually appreciates lectures in college, unlike his peers who are generally sleeping.
Physical apperance:
Dominic was never one for sports and for a male, he has a rather skimpy build. He stands at a tallish height of 5'9", but tends to be on the thinner side with little muscle. He has large, child-like blue eyes, a straight nose, and a sharp jaw line. Dominic wears glasses on a daily basis to compensate for his awful vision(20/60 in both eyes). His hair is a little on the longer side for being a guy and is platinum blonde.

Fun facts:
-Takes prescribed Aderal
-Rides a bike almost everywhere.

.:+:.. At the Break of Dawn ..|+.
Dominic was born into a loving family with a caring mom and dad. When he was six, they went missing while on a camping trip. It was assumed that they had died, and Dominic was adopted by his Grandmother Rosie. Though the incident doesn't seem to bother him today, it wrenches his heart every time he thinks about it. It also caused him to fear being alone, and to leave others alone. He fears that every time he does that, he is risking their life.
His Grandma Rosie was a very sweet old woman, but very much so lost within her time. Half the time, it was Dominic who had to take care of her. Either way, he loved her very much and appreciated her presence in his life. From the beginning, she pushed him to excel in school and to participate in extra-curricular activities. It wasn't until he was thirteen that he discovered his powers. While taking a very difficult test, he wished for more time. Generally wishes like that don't come true, but right as he thought that, time slowed down. He was the only person who wasn't slowed down and he was given all the time to finish his test.
For a while, Dominic was afraid of his powers. He thought he was a problemed kid and that the powers were weird and unacceptable. He was scared of telling his grandmother, but when he did, she seemed delighted. She said there would be a special club for him to join once he entered high school.
Dominic joined that club and realized that he wasn't the only person like that. He became more appreciative of his powers and enjoyed helping the town with them.

.:+:.. Relationship Bank ..:+.
Nikki: Dominic likes Nikki a lot, and it is very obvious. Now that they are dating, he finds things between them to be less awkward and confusing. However, he is not a fan of the teasing him and Nikki receive by the other club members.
Skiey Dominic is intimidated by Skiey. He feels like Skiey probably hates him, but enjoys that there is a serious guy in the club.
Kara: He finds her to be a pretty girl, but never thought of her to be more than just a friend.
Blair: Despite her attitude, Dominic loves having Blair as a friend. He has never had any feeling for her aside from that, though he does find her to be attractive in that "bad-girl" kind of way. He has never been one for bad girls though. She is the person he goes to when looking for some honest input.

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