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Joey Reynolds

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Joey Reynolds Jo

..|| I know this isn't much, but I know, ||..

Name: Joseph ‘Joey’ Reynolds

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Male

Grade: He is currently a junior in High School.

Birthday February 18th

Marital status: Single, but he plays around quite a bit.

Ability: Joey’s ability isn’t necessarily an ability. One of his arms is mechanical. He actually wasn’t supposed to be in the SP club, but he discovered what was going on in it. So, the government agreed to let him still know as long as he joined it.

Likes: Instant ramen, leftovers, sunsets, walks on the beach, dogs, Skiey, Jane. He also enjoys flirting, and stealing Skiey’s hat(s?)

Height: 5'7"

Dislikes: Liars, traitors, being left out, growing up.

Clubs: SP club, knitting club. (don’t ask), and (due to the insistence of Skiey) the baseball club.

Fav. Subject: Technical engineering.

Least Fav. Subject: English. He can’t write worth crap.

(current) Family: His family lives far away, but Joey moved in with Jane and Skiey. He’s very close to them both.

Pets: None.

Talents: He’s extremely good with mechanics. When he grew up, his best friend Tia and he didn’t play in the yard, or play pretend, rather, they worked on cars in the junkyard. They both were very interested in mechanics, and Joey’s retained this interest while Tia is more interested in makeup now-a-days.

Personality: Funny, warm-hearted, mild tempered, apprehensive. He’s smart when it comes to science, math, tech. ed, ect, but he’s lousy at public speaking, reading, writing, ect. He only reads what he’s interested in. He’s matured a little bit from when he was a freshmen, but he’s still a flirt. He just makes less crude jokes now.

Fun facts: He thought he was in love once, didn’t work out. His childhood friend Tia liked him for a period of time. He really wishes he had a mother, and so he’s very clingy to motherly-influences.

..|| I could, I could be better ||..

History: Joey’s parents were pretty happy together. Joseph Reynolds sr. and Tiffany Reynolds had two sons and one daughter. The eldest son was Alexander, named after Tiffany’s late father and the youngest boy was named Joey, after Mr. Reynolds. The daughter, two years older than Joey, was named Anna. Joseph Sr. was in the army, and unfortunately, he died just after Joey’s birth.

They were pretty normal. Until Tiffany went missing when Joey was 5. They searched for a week, and soon uncovered her body in the river, dismembered in a trash bag. This devastated the Reynolds. Anna and Alexander fought all the time. Anna locked herself in her room and Alexander kept to his workshop, and when Joey wasn’t in school he would play with the neighborhood kids and his best friend, Tia. He was only five, and could not understand that his mother had been murdered at the time. (His siblings had explained it very loosely to him). Since Alexander was over 21 by this point, Anna and Joey did not need to go into CPS.

A few years later when Joey was 8, Anna committed suicide. She drowned herself by jumping off of a bridge while she was drunk at a party. This devastated Joey and Alexander, who had a very rocky relationship with his sister, very deeply. Alexander’s fiancée, A girl named Anastasia, moved in with him and Joey. Joey set to working in Alexander’s shop to pass his time when Tia had after school activities, usually he was only allowed to sweep.

The most traumatizing and scaring event for Joey happened when he was 11. He was kidnapped. But his kidnappers didn’t want Joey’s body for themselves-- they cut off his arm to sell on the black market. They thought he died during the process and tossed the body in a dump. Fortunately for Joey, it was trash day and a employee saw him. He called the hospital, and Joey was saved by replacing his severed arm with a mechanical one.

After what he had experienced, Joey was increasingly skittish of his homeland. He became paranoid and even tried to convince Tia to run away with him. After Alexander heard this, he decided that they would send Joey to live with their aunt and her family. But when Joey got there, he found out that his aunt had ran off with another man, and his uncle did not want anything to do with her family anymore. Joey lied and told his brother he was living with them, when in reality he had confined himself to an abandoned house just behind Skiey’s place. Joey found out about the SP club by walking into the room while someone was using their power, and was roped into joining.

When Alexander grew suspicious of Joey’s living conditions after talking to the aunt who he sent him to live with, Joey told his situation to Skiey, who he viewed as an older brother figure. Skiey forced Joey to move in with him and Jane, and this eased Alexander’s worries.

After a lot of his friends graduated, Joey remained in the school. He likes to think of himself as the self declared new SP club leader although he’s not nearly responsible enough to be in charge of anything. He keeps in contact with Skiey, and he still lives with Jane.

..|| I don‘t think I deserve it. Selfessness, ||..

Skiey: Skiey is someone that Joey turns to when he’s lost. When Skiey found Joey living alone, he dragged the boy to live with himself and Jane. They’re as close as brothers.

Kara: Joey really respects Kara, and he always has. When he was a freshmen he had a crush on her, but Skiey made it clear to him that she was someone Joey wasn’t even allowed to dream of having. Joey looks up to her as more of a sister now than he did when he was younger.

Kyle: Joey and Kyle were actually pretty close to each other. Their personalities are very similar, so they have a lot in common. Joey is the main reason that Kyle comes to visit the SP club even after his graduation.

Blair: He doesn’t mind her, he sort of respects her. He think she’s really pretty/hot, but she scares him, so he doesn’t do anything. In fact, he usually tries to avoid her.

Jane: His new mother-figure. Once, he made the mistake of calling her ‘mom’. She didn’t mind, and from then on, he has been treated as one of the family.

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