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Nikki Leblanc

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Nikki Leblanc Nikki

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Name: Nicole ‘Nikki’ Leblanc

Age: Nikki is 18

Gender: Female

Grade: Nikki is a senior in High School, and the current ‘leader’ (more like organizer) of the High School level SP club.

Birthday: April 7th

Marital status: Nikki is currently dating Dominic

Ability: Nikki has the ability to speak to animals. She can communicate with any creature, and she loves this ability. She does have a second ability, but keeps it hushed up. She can heal other people. But when she heals someone, all of the pain they were feeling falls onto her. Understandably, she dislikes to use this part of her power.

Likes: Playing the flute, her brother, her friends, her pet rabbit, animals, water, and going for a light jog.

Dislikes: Marching, being teased or laughed at, giving presentations, getting lost, being annoyed, and loosing her temper.

Clubs: The SP club as well as the school marching band.

Fav. Subject: Besides band, Nikki loves English.

Least Fav. Subject: She’s bad at Sciences and Spanish.

(current) Family: Herself and her mother.

Pets: A pet bunny named Mori.

Talents: Playing the flute, writing, and seeing through facades.

Personality: Timid, shy, smart, a little slow, compulsive liar, forgetful. Nikki has recently been on edge due to keeping a secret from her beloved mother, organizing the SP club, and being in the time-consuming band, among other things. She's usually quite good about holding everything in though she gets frustrated easier than she used to.

Physical apperance: Nikki is 5’5” tall, with short blonde hair routinely styled in a bob. She wears glasses. She is very skinny, and has gold/brown eyes and freckle littered cheeks. Her ears are pierced.

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History Nikki’s mother and father were 18 and 19, respectively, when Nikki and her twin brother Nick were born. When Nikki was 8, their parents divorced due to Mr. Leblanc’s affair. He wasn’t necessarily a bad person-- he just made a mistake. In regards to custody, Nick was the only one who went to visit Mr. Leblanc. Nikki’s opinion of her father drastically changed after his rendezvous. She joined the SP club after Skiey caught her talking to a snake. Nick, her twin brother, had an ability as well, and he was a magician.

When Nikki was about 16 years old, her mother and Nick got into a very heated argument. After announcing that that he was moving in with their father, Nick left. Ms. Leblanc was devastated by this. The next morning, there was a report in the newspaper about a fire at Mr. Leblanc’s house. The two residents were killed in the flame. Nikki and her mother were brokenhearted after this and Ms. Leblanc even pulled Nikki out of school for a week since neither could go an hour without crying.

When Nikki finally returned to school, the government told her what had happened-- Nick had been practicing a smell when something went horribly wrong and a fire was set, killing both Mr. Leblanc and Nick instantly. They told her she couldn’t tell her mother about that since Ms. Leblanc is not a gifted. Keeping this secret from her mother has made Nikki very tense.

The very stressed out Nikki currently keeps the SP club organized. Since its former organizers graduated, the government chose Nikki, one of the more responsible members, to keep track of things.

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Kara: Nikki admires Kara, she always has, and tries to follow her example sometimes, because she knows that Kara too used to be shy.

Skiey: Skiey is the reason that Nikki was forced to join the SP club. Upon first joining the club, Nikki had a crush on him. He has no (romantic) interest in her, however, and so Nikki’s feelings are starting to deteriorate, especially since he isn’t around her as much as he used to be.

Nick: Nikki's twin brother. He died a few years ago and Nikki is still very upset over it despite the fact that he was a villain. They were very close, and she feels lost without him sometimes. Despite this, she tries to only think of the good he did for her and tries to move on with her life.

Joey: After the older SP club members graduated, Nikki was very grateful for Joey’s presence. It made it much easier because while Nikki organizes things in the club, Joey talks to the members. The self-conscious Nikki would never be able to do both.

Dominic: Now that Nikki is sure that her feelings are mutual, she is willing to admit that she'd liked Dominic for awhile. She hopes they will be happy together.

Kyle: Nikki got to know Kyle after he graduated, when he was coming back to visit Joey. They became good friends afterwords, and there is no sexual tension between them at all, as neither of them is the other's type.

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