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Hansen Vaughn

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1Hansen Vaughn Empty Hansen Vaughn on October 15th 2011, 6:09 pm

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.:+:.. Crumble and Fold ..|+.
Name: Hansen Nikolaas Vaughn
Age: 21
Birthday: October 11th
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior in college
Ability: Illness control
Likes: Japan, writing, meditation, his family
Dislikes: Death, Kaorin
Clubs: The SPC
Fav. Subject: Chemistry
Least Fav. Subject: Social sciences
(current) Family: Kara, Yume, and Leopold
Pets: None.
Talents: Writing
Personality: Hansen is pretty quiet, but not very shy. He is very much so an introvert and keeps a lot of things to himself. He seems depressed a lot of the time, and he sometimes is because of Maylene's death. Hansen is still protective of Kara, but not from Skiey. He's just being a big brother.
Physical apperance:
-5'9” and thin
-Slightly rounded face, button nose, defined cheekbones
-Hazel eyes and short dark brown hair
-Pale skin with some rosiness.

Fun facts:
-He lived in Japan with his parents for a while to rehabilitate himself.

.:+:.. Like an Animal ..|+.
Hansen was born and raised for the most part in Japan with his mother and two sisters. He lived there until the fire incident when he was sent off to a mansion in America.
Like Kara, he has known about his power for his whole life. Though, he rarely uses it. After Ayuri's death, he was encouraged to be more protective of Kara. When she started seeing Skiey more, he became very uptight. Hansen's not so uptight about anything anymore though. His own girlfriend died while in labor with his child. He never exactly got over what happened and still blames himself.
After his parents got back together, Hansen decided to live with them for a year to rehabilitate his post-traumatic stress disorder. The visit definitely helped him, though he has no intention of finding another girl to be with. A girl who has always rivaled Maylene, Kaorin, however believes that he will someday marry her, despite his hatred for her.

.:+:.. Relationship Bank ..:+.
Maylene: Hansen loved her and never got over her death. He continues to blame himself for what happened and has no intention of finding another woman.
Kara: Kara is his sister, and he cares about her dearly. He'll always be protective over here, but he has improved the over kill thing.
Skiey: At first, Hansen wasn't so sure about Skiey. He now realizes how much he cares about Kara now and appreciates that.

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