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Blair Summers

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1Blair Summers Empty Blair Summers on October 15th 2011, 6:38 pm

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.:+:.. Teardrop ..|+.
Name: Blair Ivy Summers
Age: 18
Birthday: March 5th
Gender: Female
Grade: Senior in high school
Ability: Dragon powers
Likes: Fire, warmth, good humor, going on missions, her power
Dislikes: Bad weather, alcohol, parents, school, hunger, most girls
Clubs: The SPC
Fav. Subject: Gym
Least Fav. Subject: Mathematics
(current) Family: None
Pets: She has a dragon egg that is yet to hatch.
Talents: Fighting, survival
Personality: Blair is a tough one to get used to. She is very honest and blunt, and has no fear of what people will think about her. She is incredibly facetious and sarcastic, and people often consider Blair to be mean without realizing that she is kidding half the time. She has a tendency to be a bit of a teasing flirt; but only with a select few guys. She never has gotten along with girls, so she prefers to be around guys most of the time.
Physical apperance:
Standing at the average height of 5'6", Blair has an above average body that is toned and well proportioned. Her face, however, is very strangely structured for being a female. She has defined cheekbones and jaw line. Her nose is completely straight and a bit pointy. Blair's red hair passes her shoulders by a few inches and is a bit nappy. Her eyes are olive green. As far as make up goes, Blair does not wear any besides lip stick for formal occasions. She does have a piercing on her bellybutton that she got when she was 13. On an average day, she wears tank tops and skinny jeans. Most would consider her clothing choice to be rather revealing, but she hates covering up too much because it makes her feel constricted. Blair tends to over-accessorize by wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hip chains, rings, and anklets all at once.

Fun facts:
-Her birthday is in March.

.:+:.. On The Fire ..|+.
Blair spent most of her childhood on the streets or in a group home. She hated being in the group homes because there were rules and Blair does not mix well with rules. She often got herself into trouble when setting things on fire or scaring the other children with her fire breathing and flying.
Blair always knew that she had powers. They were caused by a parasite in her mother's womb during the time of pre-natal. Because she was a strange child, her mother didn't want to deal with her and put her up for adoption. Blair spent a good deal of time in a run-down orphanage during her early childhood. The nuns running it could not stand to have her around. She used profane language, spent too much time with the boys, and she always caused some sort of mayhem. Blair ended up running away from most orphanages and group homes she was forced into.
Even though she never received a formal education as a child, she was more than capable of entering high school. When she began, she lived in a group home. The home refused to allow her to join the SPC, even though the government had insisted on it. Eventually, Blair met Kara during her Junior year. Kara offered her a room in her large house, knowing that the government had been hunting for Blair to join all throughout high school. Blair agreed and moved in with Kara.
Blair doesn't live with Kara or Hansen anymore. She is holding up a job at a smoke shop and makes enough money to barely live on her own. Fortunately, her land lord is a sucker for young women and gives Blair discounts on her rent. Her home life is very personal to her and she prefers not to speak of it in groups. She's barely ever home anyway.

.:+:.. Relationship Bank ..:+.
Kara: Blair has always looked to Kara as an example of how she should calm herself. Sometimes she thinks she can be a priss, but Kara is a good friend to her anyway.
Kyle: Kyle was the first person that Blair warmed up to. She has to admit that she had feelings for him for a while, and they may still linger, but she's a big girl and has put them aside. She considers him to be her best friend in the SPC.
Skiey: Blair knows that Skiey isn't too fond of her presence. She doesn't care exactly, but she actually respects him. She admires his tough exterior because it reminds her of herself.
Dominic: Blair likes to pick on Dominic for being such a smarty all the time. She really does value their friendship though.
Nikki: Blair usually does not like people with authority, but she actually respects Nikki as the leader of the SPC.

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