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A tight knit-forum based off of the original SP Club role plays. (:

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A description of The SP Club

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1A description of The SP Club Empty A description of The SP Club on October 14th 2011, 6:19 pm

When/how/why did it start?
Back in the winter of 2006, there was an average gifted high school role play on Neopets. It consisted of a few characters with special powers in a high school, blah blah. However, this one was different because the role play just clicked with the writers. It continued on for a few months as a constant Neopets based role play, consisting of permanent characters with their own distinctive personalities and profiles. Eventually, the role play branched out onto a proboards forum( is the old forum).

What happened to the role play?
Unfortunately, all good things come to and end...sort of. What I mean to say is, a lot of the writers became very busy. Some went off to college, and others? Well, we don't know where they went. Either way, the impact each member made on the role play was great. Only two members exist on the forum today. That is myself(Melissa) and Megan.

Why create a new forum?
After not viewing the forum for about a year, Megan and I somehow met up again on it and discussed our nostalgia of the role play. I somehow forgot the password to my account on the forum, meaning that I couldn't update my characters or anything. Sad story, huh? Anyway, we decided to create a simple forum for ourselves and maybe others to role play on again. (:

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