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Kyle Christian

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Kyle Christian Duuud

.:+:.. Everybody's hurt somebody before … ..|+.

Name: Kyle James Christian

Age: 20 (his birthday was very recent)

Gender: Male, although he can look female from the back.

Grade: He’s graduated from High School, has no plan to go to college, and currently works part time in two places-- in a convenience store and as a taxi cab driver. He oftentimes will check in on the SP club to say hi, so he’s still a regular at meetings for the high schoolers.

Birthday: November 21st

Ability: Kyle can transform into a cat. It sounds exciting, right? It’s not. He’s got heightened senses too-- he can hear like a cat, see in the dark, and his nails are naturally freakishly long. He doesn’t like turning into a cat because people step on his tail and as a cat, he’s naked, so it’s hard to transform back.

Likes: Cats, lemonade, summer, girls, lasagna, and singing.

Dislikes: Dogs, water, spending money, being dumped, his family.

Clubs: In school he was in the SP club and in chorus. Now he sneaks into the PTA sometimes, but other than that, he's not in any groups.

Fav. Subject: Gym (except the swimming portion).

Least Fav. Subject: Sciences.

(current) Family: Himself, his parents who are both strict Catholics, and his older sister.

Pets: none.

Talents: Singing, he’s very good at it.

Personality: Flirty, humorous, relaxed, go-with-the-flow attitude, rebellious sometimes. Very optimistic and friendly. One key fact is that he goes through so many girlfriends so that he feels loved. In actuality, he’s very lonely.

Physical apperance: Kyle stands at 5’9”, with messy blonde hair and a pointed face. His eyes are a bright blue. He’s rather eye catching, with shoulder length, blonde hair usually kept in a small ponytail or a half a ponytail. His hair, which is naturally brown, is dyed, which was initially intended to piss his parents off. However he's grown to like having blonde hair. He’s got a bit of stubble on the bottom of his chin. His ears are both pierced.

.:+:.. Everybody's been hurt by somebody before … ..|+.

History: Kyle was born to a family of three. They were ecstatic to have a son and immediately baptized him. Kyle grew up normally but very strictly. His older sister, Kim, was a bad influence on him. She snuck out every night and got away with it, when her parents went out she held parties, and she even lost her virginity at one of her wild parties before marriage. Kyle knew all of this and so he tried to do the same things she did-- sneak out, host parties, consume illegal substances, ect.

But unlike Kim, Kyle wasn’t smooth. He always got caught and his parents always got angry. When he tried to say, “Well Kim does it too!" They never believed him for two reasons: first, Kim was never caught. Second, Kim had straight As while Kyle had Cs and Ds. This made Kyle grow to distrust his parents and adults in general.

When Kyle was 14, he met his first serious girlfriend, Talia Wilson. He dated her for two months, but then he got bored. He knew her sister Luna thought he and Talia were just friends, so he hit on her, too. Eventually, he started to date her too. Kyle made a mistake, however, and accidentally scheduled two dates in the same area one hour apart. He lost track of time with Luna, and when Talia arrived for their date, she caught him making out with her sister. After that Kyle got double broken up with and wound up in the hospital.

Kyle’s ability was discovered by his sister when he was 15. He turned into a cat when he got mad at her. She thought he ran away. While in cat form, Kyle heard everything his parents said and called him. This caused Kyle to grow furious at them and when he turned back he dyed his hair, wore all black, and rebelled completely just to spite them.

When Kyle hit 16, he dropped the gothic appearance since it wasn’t really working for him. He joined the SP club after that, much to Talia and Luna's (who were members of it themselves) distain. After they moved, things relaxed for Kyle, at least a little bit. He doesn’t really talk about it, but he did seriously like Talia.

Since before he graduated, Kyle's had a job at his friends workplace-- a convenience store. Kyle’s worked there for 3 years now, and is a valued employee. Recently Kyle got offered a job in the taxi driving industry due to his good driving skills. He accepted that and with his saved up money, he bought himself a cruddy little apartment somewhere near the school. Still knowing Nikki, Joey, and Blair (all of whom are currently in the SP club), Kyle pops in for after-school meetings sometimes.

.:+:.. You can change, but you'll always come back for more ..|+.

Blair: He and Blair didn’t get off on the right foot, but now that he’s not afraid she’ll singe his face off, he considers her a friend. Kyle has always found her attractive, but he didn’t make a move on her for several reasons. Mostly, he didn’t want to ruin a good friendship.

Skiey: Dislike, but Kyle does respect Skiey. After all, Skiey’s been with the same girl for years now. Kyle’s never held a girlfriend for longer than a few months.

Nikki: When they were both in the club, Kyle wasn’t close to Nikki at all. But after graduation, he started to come back to see Joey & Blair and he wound up seeing Nikki too. He and Nikki get along pretty well, and can actually be considered good friends. He’s never made a move on Nikki because she’s always been too shy for his tastes-- not that she’s not attractive to him, he just likes feisty girls.

.:+:.. It's a game & we're all just victims of love ..|+.

Misc.: Think of the godly Alex Goot for his singing voice

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